Our company provide all kind of sanitary engineering services, including the water heater repair and installation. Our specialists will always ready to help you. We’ll make the installation of the equipment quickly, reliably and qualitatively. We also provide the repair of the broken water heater.

Do you want to install the water heater in your house? Firstly, you need to choose the water heater you need, as well as to take into account all the nuances of the installation and further operation of the equipment.

Storage water heater

Operating principle of this water heater is quite simple. The water flows to the boiler, then it is heated and stored there. You can also regulate the desirable temperature. The main advantage of the storage water heater is that you can use the hot water at any moment. For example, if the hot water supply is not regular or when it is turned off.

Demand water heater

The operating principle of this water heater is quite simple too. The water is heated passing through the fixed cylinder. You can also regulate the temperature. This water heater is a high power equipment, that’s why the installation of this water heater is required separate wiring system.

Water heater electric energy installation from the company Stiralka Info.

The water heater has a high consumption. As a rule, power of the water heater is more than 5 Kw. So, its installation is complicated by the additional wiring system. Otherwise, the voltage jump and short circuit is possible.

As mentioned above, the water heater installation is a difficult process, that’s why it must be implemented only by professional specialists. Stiralka Info Company will provide the water heater installation qualitatively, quickly and reliably in a short time.