Washing machine’s motor component is the main part of the washing machine. If the motor component is broken down, you should replace or repair it. Specialists of “Stiralka Info” company will solve this problem on a high level.

Cause of breakage of the washing machine’s motor component.

The cause of breakage of the washing machine’s electric motor may be different. If the motor component is out of order much earlier of expected duration, it means that not only motor component is in want of repair.

As you know, even minor failure may lead to the functional loss of your washing machine. Therefore, our masters do complete diagnostics of the washing machine before the replacing and repairing of the washing machine’s motor component. It allows eliminating cause and fix it more quickly.

There are other causes of the motor component’s breakages:

  • Voltage jump
  • Abuse
  • Rapid depressurization
  • Other causes

If the motor component of the washing machine is broken, you should replace it. The specialists of our company will do that quickly and easy.

The washing machine’s electric motor repair is possible if:

      •    The washing machine works but the motor component makes a noise

       •     Drum of the washing machine rotates only in one direction

You should replace the washing machine’s electric motor if:

      •    The motor component doesn’t work at all;

      •    There is a burning odor during the motor operation;

      •    You noticed a black smell;

      •    Other cases.

Our company have carried out the washing machines repair for a long time. We provide any repair services in Tashkent city and Tashkent regions: Yangiyul, Yangiabad, Chirchik, Eshonguzar, Syrdarya and other regions.

 Departure and diagnostics are performed free of charge providing that the washing machine repair inside Tashkent city.

For information about service request to Tashkent region, please call our company. 

The specialists of our firm have high experience of work and all necessary tools for quick and quality repair of the washing machines.

Call us and we will extend the operational life of your washing machine.