Our company provide a guarantee for the quality and quick installation of any type of sanitary appliances. The specialists of Stiralka Info Company work with sanitary appliances of any type of complexity. The toilet bowl installation of classical and modern models will not take a lot of time. You will be pleased with long durability of your sanitary appliance if you contact our company.

There is a wide choice of modern models of sanitary equipment in the modern market. The toilet bowl is no exception. That’s why, sometimes it is very difficult to make a right choice. Besides the price, you also should decide on the set of the functions and material of construction (cast iron, porcelain, plastic, steel, glass). Classical toilet bowls are usually made of porcelain or semi porcelain. The porcelain toilet bowls cost more expensive.

The process of the bowl installation.

During the toilet bowl installation, it is necessary to make the connection to the canalization with the help of ridged bent pipe. So, you will be able to move the toilet bowl without disconnection from the canalization. For the installation of the ridged bent pipe, it is necessary to put one side to the pan socket. The other side must be connected directly to the toilet bowl.

Enjoy with the installation from Stiralka Info Company

At first sight the toilet bowl installation seems very simple, but it takes a lot of time. The installation is difficult because of the connection to canalization. It is necessary to control the water supply. All the actions must be performed accurately and quickly. Making a service call in our company, you will not have to worry about the leakage or breakage of your purchase.