HVS and CVS are the sort titles from hot-water supply and cold-water supply. Water supply is one of the most valuable achievements of civilization.

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Types of hot-water generators

  1. Solar water heater

Solar water heater is a rarity in Tashkent. It is the most economical and ecologically clean system because of the cheapest source of energy – the sun. Operation concept is that sun rays heat the black service of the boiler. These solar collectors are installed on the open piece of ground or on the roof to the south side. Solar water heaters are capable to heat the water till 50-60 degrees and provide needs both private houses and laundries, baths, as well as they are used in heating systems.

Solar water heaters also have thermally insulated tank of hot water. Some models of solar water heaters are additionally supplied with gas or electric heaters.

  1. Instantaneous heater.

The instantaneous heater is a little tank, supplied with gas or electrical heater. It is called instantaneous because water flows through its tank, heating till certain temperature.

Gas instantaneous heater (geyser) has one of the most important consumer qualities: cheap source of energy – gas.

The geyser power is from 17 till 31 kW. The capacity is from 10 till 300 liters.

  1. Electric Instantaneous water heater.

In this system the electric energy is used for hot water. The electric water heater also has high indicators of electric energy consumption.

  1. Hot-water generator with storage container (boiler).

Hot-water generator of storage type is a big container, supplied with electric or gas heating system.

Gas boiler is more powerful and simple in operation because of gas using. The power of gas boiler is 4-6 Kw.

Electric boiler has electric heating system. The advantages of this heating system is simple installation, affordable price and more economical in the operation.

The maximum capacity of 1,5-3 kilowatt. The container capacity is form 10 till 300 liters.

Each of the mentioned-above types of heating systems has both advantages and disadvantages. They also differ on types and installation method. Having installed one of these heating systems, you will always be supplied with hot-water supply.