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“Stiralkainfo” company offer you the services such as installation and repair of washing machines. Our company has only highly qualified professionals with a wide experience of work and specialized education.

We solve any problems with household and industrial washing and drying machines, from minor works till design and installation of household equipment in laundries.

Our company provides a full range of services in the field of washing machines:

  • Installation of household washing machines;
  • Repair of washing and dish-washing machines;
  • Prophylactic service of the washing machines;
  • Design of the laundries;
  • Selection and supply of branded equipment for laundries from China;
  • Installation of the equipment, commissioning and laundry turnkey operation;
  • In addition, we can make a long-term contract for regular maintenance of your equipment for more long using;

More information about our company you can find on the pages of our site.

If you need install or repair the washing machine, you are in the right place. We offer any services on high quality level and not expensive.

In the company “Stiralkainfo” the prices for repair and installation of the washing machines of course are not lower of the average market price, but not higher. We provide a guarantee for done work and operational efficiency of our specialists. Our specialists work with washing machines of all brands and manufacturers. We also provide a guarantee for the services of our company and honestly fulfill our guarantee obligations.