Nowadays, the shower rooms are installed very often: both in private houses and apartments. It is very comfortable because it decently saves space in the apartment. However, in spite of compactness, the installation of the shower room is a difficult process. Professional specialists of Stiralka Info Company are experts at their jobs.

The latest models of the foreign manufacturers have numerous functions and regimes. The modern functions of the shower rooms include electronic touch panel, waterfall, upper shower, back massage, radio, telephone, backlight, fan, foot massage, seat, temperature sensor, liquid soap dosator. There is also a great choice of design, so it is very difficult to choose sides of the model. Different models of the shower rooms are presented in the modern market: from the simplest till incredibly beautiful models.

Shower room installation

The shower room installation is not simple process. Only professional specialists will be able to perform the installation with such great quantity of functions and regimes. It is very important to make a correct calculation during the shower room installation, otherwise it causes the problems while the using of the shower room. It is unpleasant to realize that your expectations are not met. Professional specialists of Stiralka Info Company will provide a quality and reliable installation of the shower room in your apartment.

Our qualified specialists of “Stiralka Info” will help you to install the shower room with a high professionalism, in a short time and reliably. We also provide the repair of the shower rooms and technical parameters setting, as well as we will give all necessary instructions on the using of main functions.

Stiralka Info Company provides a guarantee for all our services. You will not have to worry about its functioning in the future. You will be just pleased with your purchase.