If you decided to make a repair in your apartment, firstly you should renew the sanitary engineering. During the construction of your own house, the installation of the sanitary engineering must be done at the end of the repair. The sanitary engineering is fragile, so it may break down at any moment.

Sanitary engineering installation is the installation of mixers, baths, shower rooms, basins, closet basins etc. All kind of the installations have its own properties, which are taken into account by the sanitary technicians of Stiralka Info Company.

If you want to make the sanitary engineering installation quickly and qualitatively, call our company. Our specialists will perform all necessary services and give the necessary recommendation. We work quickly, carefully and properly.

Mixer Installation

One of the common mistakes of the sanitary technicians is the wrong pipes connection of cold and hot water supply. It is better to buy the mixer before the water-pipe installation in order to avoid the mixer breakage.

Baths installation

If your bath is without legs and you want to lay it with ceramic-tile, you should remember about certain height. The engineering technician without great experience will not be able to calculate the necessary height and the drain system will be broken. The broken drain system leads to the pollution of the drain pipe. It is also necessary to provide the access to all parts of drain system in case of its breakage.

Shower rooms installation

During the installation of the washroom, it is important to remember not only about its height, but also the sealing. The manufacturers of the shower rooms very often don’t pay attention to the sealing of lower parts of the cabin. As a result, there is moldiness on the tile. The sanitary technicians of Stiralka Info Company will always inform you about possible seal failure and implement measures on the eliminating of this disadvantage.

Wash basin installation

Wash basin is the most comfortable place for washing hands, so it must be firmly fixed. It is very important to seal that part of the wash basin which attaches to the wall, otherwise the mold formation is guaranteed.

The most important in the installation of the toilet bowl is the slope of the drain pipe. It is better to do the slope at an angle. It will protect the room from bad smell. It is also necessary to tighten the joint between the toilet bowl and soil pipe.