Water supply system is worn out eventually. Riser pipes made of cast iron, have a service life of about 25 years. Because of corrosion the pipes are covered with film of rust. It is better to prevent the problem, than to pay for repairs to neighbors for damaged property. Replace the riser and your problem will be solved.

It is recommended to make the pipe replacement every 15 years, but people as a rule, bypass this rule. In this case you’ d better to contact Stiralka Info Company.

Make an application to Stiralka Info Company and our specialists will come and eliminate the problem in a short time. We have all necessary materials and tools, that’s why your financial expenses will be maximum optimized.

Riser replacement

  • Before the dismantling of the water pipes and soil stack, it is necessary to get the official permission of housing maintenance office.
  • It is also necessary to get the permission from your neighbors for turning off water at a certain time.
  • As a rule, the access to the water pipe valves have only workers of housing maintenance office. Therefore, before turning off the riser, you must get their permission.

As a rule, the riser replacement is done on week days. If your neighbors are agree making the riser replacement totally, it is the best way of the problem decision. Otherwise you will have to make riser replacement only in your own flat.

Pipes for riser replacement

Pipes’ risers can be replaced to copper, steel-plastic and polymeric pipes. Copper pipes are the most reliable and expensive, polymeric pipes are cheaper. Polypropylene pipes are the most optimal pipes for riser replacement. They are long life (its working service is about 50 years). It is easy connected with iron pipes without welding.

Operation concept

Firstly, it is necessary to prepare all tools in order to save the time and avoid problems during the replacement.

  1. The old riser is cut off, leaving 10 sm. above and below.
  2. Adapter metal-plastic is installed
  3. Plastic pipe is installed on the adapter
  4. Shut-off valve is installed

Timely replacement of sanitary engineering equipment is the protection from water leaking and problems of rusty pipe.

We provide the riser replacement in Tashkent, as well as eliminate all the sanitary engineering malfunction.