The bearing part is a small but a very important part of the washing machine. As the bearing parts are always in the action, they are aged. The working time of the drum’s bearing parts is about 5-7 years. Service life is reduced also because of abuse, overloading and gaskets breakage.

 When you should replace the bearing parts of the washing machine’s drum

Main features of the bearing parts breakage are the noise and vibration. When the bearing parts are broken down, there is a noise during the working of the washing machine. If your washing machine shivers and the drum is blocked, despite this we will eliminate the cause of breakage. We recommend you to replace the bearing parts of the washing machine in 5-7 years of the running. You should also run a complete diagnostics for replacing of the broken details.                                              

The replacement of the bearing parts of the washing machine’s drum in “Stiralka Info” company.

The bearing parts replacement is a general maintenance of the washing machine therefore only high-qualified specialists must do this time-taking process.

  • Specialists of our company have a great experience in the bearing parts replacement, as well as we have all necessary tools.
  • Price of the service depends on the work complexity and brand of the washing machine.
  • Service call is free of charge, if you need repair your washing machine. In case you needn’t repair or bearing parts replacement, you must pay for service call.
  • We provide a guarantee for all our services.