The washing machine makes housewives’ life easier. Nowadays almost all of us have the washing machine. It is very comfortable in everyday life and doesn’t require expenses for using, not including electricity. But modern washing machines have very low indicators of the electric energy consumption. Most of them have the highest level of the electric energy consumption A++. In spite of this, many washing machines needed to be repaired.

The washing machine operation.

 However, like any other equipment, the washing machines cannot be entirely ensured from breakdowns. There are special measures that minimizes the risk of the defect appearance. It is impossible to have 100% protection from this. These measures are quite simply, you should just follow them.


  • Follow the instruction at all stages of using of the washing machine. If you bypass one of the instructions, which at first glance may seem insignificant, most likely to lead to some problems.
  • Each washing machine is designed for a certain quantity of the clothing in kg. In any case, do not overload the washing machine with added weight during the washing. It is recommended to use the additional laundry detergent that contain water softener.
  • At regular times, you need to put a water machine into operation empty, using descale of a high quality. This will help you to extend the operational life of electric heating bundles.
  • Do not clog up your washing machine with coins, keys and other small parts from your pocket.
  • Pay special attention to the washing machine filter. Do not clog it up. From time to time you should do filter unloading. With severe loads, you can install an added filter.
  • At the end of the washing, leave the door open and wipe the rubber washer with a dry duster. These two simple actions will help you to extend the operational life of your washing machine.
  • All these measures are intended for the life extension of the systems and all elements of the washing machine. However, the voltage drop can harm the washing machine seriously. In order to prevent this, you can use a constant-voltage regulator.

 Described above advices will help you to improve the life ratio of your washing machine. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees you to avoid any problems with your appliance. Don’t be upset, if you need the repair of the washing machine.

The specialists of the company “Stiralkainfo” will approach a problem without reservation and solve it very quickly and at affordable prices. Besides, we will provide the guarantee for our service.