Smeg washing machines are very popular in Uzbekistan. Therefore, the Italian brand of these washing machines are in a great demand in our market.

Smeg washing machines have a high quality assembling, beautiful design and a good combination price/quality.

If you need repair Smeg washing machines, you should apply only high- qualified specialists with a great experience. In this case, you can make a service call from “Stiralka Info” Company.

Causes of the washing machines malfunctions.

As a rule, there are common problems of the washing machines breakage:

  • Runout of the parts. Often operation of the washing machine leads to the breakage of its parts.
  • Scale producing water is one of the common problems of the washing machine breakage.
  • Voltage jump causes different malfunctions. Generally, it leads to the control panel breakage. If you install power filter, you will avoid this problem.
  • Overloading of the washing machine causes the malfunctions of the belt, drum’s bearing parts and motor.
  • Small details from the pocket may lead to the mechanical damages of the washing machine’s tub and drain pump. That’s why check your pockets before the operation of the washing machine.

List of services of “Stiralka Info” Company.

 Our company provides a wide range of the services on the maintenance of the washing machine Smeg. The repair of the washing machines can be divided on two types – current maintenance and general maintenance.

Current maintenance of the washing machine:

  • Periodical prophylactic of the washing machine;
  • Bearing parts replacement;
  • Belt replacement;
  • Cleaning of the water drain system
  • Pump cup replacement and leak repair.

General maintenance of the washing machines:

  • Repair or replacement of the control module;
  • Replacement of the washing machine’s drum;
  • Repair or replacement of the motor;
  • Repair of little malfunctions etc.

“Stiralka Info” Company provides professional services on the repair of the washing machines. If you need a high quality repair, call on our company and we will improve the life ratio of your washing machine.