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Siemens washing machines are very popular in Uzbekistan. Therefore, the repair of the washers Siemens is in a great demand among the consumers. Our specialists have a great experience in this field, so it is not difficult for them both eliminating of a little malfunction and general maintenance of your washing machine. The most important in the repair of the washing machine is the malfunction mode, but not the washing machine’s brand.

The price and repair time depends on malfunction mode. Our specialists will eliminate any washing machines malfunctions, including Siemens washing machines.

There are common problems of malfunctions of the washing machines Siemens:

  • Control module malfunction;
  • Water leakage;
  • Runout of the washing machine’s bearing parts;
  • Pollution of the drain pump;

 This is a list of the most common problems of the washing machine’s malfunctions of this   brand. The most expensive parts of this washing machine are motor and control module.  

 What you should do to avoid the malfunctions.

  • Filter Installation helps to protect control module of your washing machine;
  • Check your pockets before washing, otherwise it can damage the washing machine’s drum and drain pump;
  • Playing with the control module buttons is not allowed, especially during the operation.
  • The washing machine overloading causes the breakage of the washing machine’s bearing parts.
  • Please don’t bypass the instructions during the operation of the washing machine.

What you should do if your washing machine is broken.

 If your washing machine is broken, call on our company and make a service call. If you tell our specialists the malfunction mode and brand of your washing machine, the specialist will be able to take all necessary parts and tools to repair your washing machine.

You will not be able to specify exact price on the telephone, the specialists can fix a price only after complete diagnostics of the equipment. We also provide the certificate of guarantee for all our services.