Trademark Elenberg was founded in 1999 in the United Kingdom. At the beginning of its activity, the company produced the household appliances of premium class. However, Russian Company “Eldorado” bought Elenberg. Since the production of the household appliances has made in China and assembling in Kaliningrad. Elenberg productions are sold only in Russia and in the CIS.

Washing machines Elenberg are met seldom in Uzbekistan. They are of a low quality and its main advantage is the price. That is why the production of this brand need in repair and replacement of spare parts more often. Our specialists don’t recommend to choose the washing machines Elenberg, as the cost of the constant repairs may earn out the cost of the purchase. The washing machines Elenberg would serve longer and needn’t to repair. You know, to improve the life ratio of your washing machine, you must follow special instructions, which were mentioned above in the article of the repair of the washing machines.

Common problems of the malfunctions of the washing machines Elenberg.

  • Heat problem of the electric heating tube. The washing machines of all trademarks and brands run into this issue. The appearance of this defect mostly depends on scale producing water.
  • The constructional features of the washing machines Elenberg lead to the drum pollution and drain pumps.
  • Water leakage. The door of the drum of the washing machine’s tub is equipped with rubber gasket of a low quality. It is often wore thin.

Repair of the washing machines Elenberg.

The management of Elenberg Company take care of their spare parts of the washing machines not to be sold in the market. It gives them privilege in the maintenance of the washing machines Elenberg. If you noticed any deviations in the operation of the washing machines, you will have to call the official service center.

However, there is no the representative office of the service center Elenberg in Uzbekistan. Therefore, most of the service centers don’t perform the services of the repair of the washing machines Elenberg, but not we are. Specialists of “Stiralka Info” Company perform the repair of the washing machines Elenberg. The production of all spare parts of this Company is made in China. Details installed by our specialists, will not differ from the quality and reliability. Indeed, you will get all necessary information about the operation of your washing machine and a guarantee for our services.