Modern heating radiators in many houses were changed to fire dangerous stoves, being effective tool for heat transfer. Radiators connection is popular not only in Uzbekistan but all over the world.

Modern radiators are not only utilitarian devices, but also an important part of design of any flat. During the installation, start-up and commissioning and projecting of heating system, it is better to contact the professionals, specialized in this field of activities.

We offer all kinds of maintenance services of heating system. We are – “Stiralka Info” Company – professional specialists, provided the services on the connection of heating radiator in Tashkent. We connect all kinds of heating radiators, regardless of the manufacturer.

There are two types of connection of heating radiators:

  • single-pipe
  • two-pipe

Single-pipe connection of heating radiators.

There are two schemes in single-pipe of heating radiators:

Ring connection consists of one large-diameter pipe, to which the radiators and discharge opening are connected.

Series circuit of connection – water flows from one battery to another. Each tube receives less heat than the previous one.

Disadvantages of one-pipe heating radiators.

The disadvantage of one-pipe heating radiator is a ramp-down of temperature in the last batteries. This problem is solved with the help of different number of sections, installation of radiator regulations, balance valve, thermal and ball valves.

Two-pipe connection of heating radiators.

This type of connection consists of two pipes. There is a hot water in one of the pipes and cold water in the other one. All the batteries are connected to both pipes, as a result, cold water flows to the low pipe. The advantage of this connection is an equal distribution of heat to all batteries. During the construction of the building, you should think through the hot supply system and choose the right type of the radiator. The most optimal from viewpoint of the heat transfer is a diagonal scheme of the radiator connection.

Types of radiators

Steel panel radiators differs by heat transfer, simple installation and low price. Disadvantage of these radiator is the quick pollution because of bad quality of hot supply water system.

Iron radiators is the most popular type of radiators. They have a great heat transfer.

 Aluminum radiators is one of the new types of the radiators. They have a beautiful design and quite reliable. The main disadvantage of these radiators is the sensitivity to corrosion environment, used in the hot supply system.

 Bimetallic radiator is more reliable of modern types of traditional batteries, it is resistant to hydraulic impact, but also has its properties. Bimetallic radiator makes a noise during the operation. In this case a high speed of liquid heat carrier is necessary for correct operation.

It is wise to place the heating batteries at the window (thereby, hot air is mixed with cold air).