Pump replacement is not very popular service as the service lifetime is quite high. If the quality drip pump is installed in your washing machine, it will probably serve you for more than 10 years. The main cause of the pump breakage is an abuse of the washing machine.       

Signs of the malfunction of the pump:

  • Slow water drain;
  • Low-quality rinsing;
  • Problems with clothes spinning;
  • The turning off of the washing machine

The main purpose of the pump is the filling of the washing machine, as well as complete water extraction. If you noticed your washer does badly one of these functions, call on our company.

It means it is a high time to replace the pump of the washing machine.

Timely replacement of the washing machine pump will help you to organize a required water supply and water extraction. Otherwise, it will lead to the breakage of the other details of the washing machine.

Drain pump replacement is the service of “Stiralka Info” company.

If your washing machine has served you for many years and now it has problems with water drain, it time to call on our company. Specialists of “Stiralka Info” company will repair the washing machine of any difficulty level as well as the water drain replacement.

Advantages of our company.

  1. Free of charge diagnostics of your washing machine, providing that the equipment will be repaired by our specialists.
  2. Our qualified specialists with a high experience will determine the reasons of the equipment malfunction.
  3. Quick service call and troubleshooting.
  4. Washing machines are usually repaired at home, but in case of difficult breakage, we transfer it to the service center. We also can take not all the machine but only breakage detail.
  5. If we can’t find needed spare parts, we place an order from Russia or China.
  6. We always provide a guarantee for all our services and always fulfil our obligations.

If you need replace the washing machine’s pump or eliminate any malfunctions of the equipment, specialists of our company at your services.