When repairing the apartment or housebuilding, many people think about installation of the heating system or its replacement. It often happens that installed heating system doesn’t have enough efficiency because of corrodible pipe and old cast iron radiators.

The design of heating system

 It is wise to begin the installation of the heating system with the design and calculation. If the calculation and design are wrong, some rooms of your house will not be heated at all. Most importantly, it is impossible to correct this problem at the end of the repair.

Heating systems require financial expenses, sometimes it costs very expensive, in order to be sure in the quality of the work, you’d better apply the professionals. Our company Stiralka Info has been performing the services on the design and installation of the heating systems in Tashkent and Tashkent regions. Here you will get all necessary information of the heating system installation. Our company performs the installation of all types heating systems, as well as we provide a guarantee for our services.

 Types of heating systems

 There are two types of heating systems: radiator system and floor standing system. The second one is more popular. It is a system of pipes installed under the flooring. The advantage of this system is that the surface of the floor is heated, so it is warm in the room. It is known that hot air is above, but cold air is down. It is a basic principle of work of the floor heating system.

Radiator heating systems have a great efficiency in apartments. This heating system costs cheaper than floor heating system, because firstly, the assembling of this heating system is simple, secondly, the customer can choose the quantity of radiator sections depending on his financial possibilities.

 Installation works.

 Having chosen the suitable heating system, it is necessary to connect all the elements to heating boiler or central heating system.

The radiator heating system is not required hard sanitary engineering works. It is necessary just to lay pipes to the radiators. If the heating system is installed in the apartment, you should do connecting in series. If the heating system is installed in private residence, it wise to choose separate connection of each radiator with heating boiler.

Sanitary engineering works will take much more time in the installation of the flooring heating system. Our specialists will perform all professional services in the equipment installation.

Water circulation

 The problems with hot water supply in the apartments are decided by community services, but in private house – the owners. In this case, the heating boilers that makes hot water till desired temperature and pumps with necessary water pressure are installed.