Storage houses play an important role for the functioning of any factory or other industrial organization. Commercial organizations that sell the production, also often use the warehouses. However, it is worth noting that each type of production which is stored in a warehouse, has its storage conditions. The observing of terms is very important for further operation. The main aspect is the maintaining of desirable temperature regime. Therefore, the heating of warehouses is always in demand.

Stiralka Info Company provides the services of heating systems for warehouses in Tashkent. We have made a good showing as a reliable performer in the local market. Our company provides the installation of heating systems of different types.


The central heating system is a very popular and in a widespread use. As a rule, this is because the elements of the system are not at the territory of the warehouse. It decently saves the place.

Types of heating systems:

  • Water heating system;
  • Steam heating system;
  • Air heating system;
  • Multiple-unit heating system.

 Heat-carrier in this systems is transferred with the help of pumps and blowers or natural circulation because of different temperature of the equipment.

Heating system must meet:

  • Technical requirements;
  • Fire safety standards;
  • Sanitary standards.

All the standards and requirements are established by government bodies. That’s why it is important to keep up to all regulations and norms.

Otherwise, you will have to pay a hefty fine for the wrong installation of heating system. Specialists of Stiralka Info Company have a great experience in this field of services and perform the assembling, according to all requirements.

Water and steam heating in warehouses.

 Water and steam heating in warehouses are used with observance of standards of fire safety. Some substances in contact with water may lead to fire hazardous situation.

Steam heating of warehouses.

 Steam heating consists of steampipes and heat-transfer device systems, connected with steam boiling. Dry vapor is used in this type of heating. This system has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • Accelerated corrosion;
  • High temperature inside the system;
  • Difficulties of temperature maintenance;
  • Large heat loss.


  • Quick warming-up system;
  • Compactability;
  • Work at low pressure.

Water heating of warehouses

 Water heating consists of pipe systems, which provide the heat all around the rooms of the warehouse and radiators.

It differs by the types of temperatures: from 95…105 and more than 105 C; The system of such heating may be installed on one-pipe and two-pipes schemes of vertical and horizontal positions of pipeline. Unlike steam heating system, this one dries the air less and distributes temperature equally.

Air heating system.

 Air heating system consists of air circuit, connected with electric or gas hot-air unit. This system is the most popular. This is the most popular system of all heating systems.

Advantages of air heating system

  • Efficiency is about 90-94%
  • The best conditions for storage of production
  • Operation with ventilation in a single system
  • Low indicators of energy consumption

If you need a high quality projecting, assembling and service maintenance, contact Stiralka Info Company. Our company has a great experience and qualified specialists, specialized in the installation of heating systems of any complexity.