It is very important the restaurants and cafes to be heated in a cold season, otherwise, the storefront risks losing regular customers. Therefore, it is better to take care of the heating system before setting up the restaurant. Stiralka Info Company provides all professional services of the heating system in cafes and restaurants. Our specialists have a great experience in the field of design and heating system maintenance.


 It is impossible to begin the assembling of heating system for cafes and restaurants without previous projecting. The projecting will help you not to overpay for needless amount of material and equipment. You also will get high quality and effective services on heating system in restaurants and cafes. During the projecting all the requirements of the building (maximum quantity of visitors, staff and operating equipment) are considered.

Types of heating system

 Electric heating system. Electric heated cables and convectors laid under the flooring (floor heating). This type of heating has a high efficiency, simple assembling, operation and temperature regulation, but it is the most expensive because of high indicators of electric energy consumption.

Hot-water heating is the most popular and optimum alternative due to affordable price and efficiency. There are two types of hot-water heating systems: radiator hot-water heating and floor heating systems. The assembling of floor heating is a hard work, but it is more effective.

 Air heating system is one of the comfortable heating systems, as it provides ventilation of the whole room, getting the cigarette smoking and unpleasant odor out of the room. This heating system is low-efficiency in a big floor space.

 Contact Stiralka Info Company and our specialists will design, advise what type of the heating system is suitable for you, as well as will perform the assembling in a short time.