The washing machines with the front loading have become classics in the production of the washing machines.

The world-known manufacturers have produced the washing machines of this type for many years. They are in a great demand among consumers because of their functionality and variety of design. The machines with front loading are very comfortable in the function of the built-in appliances, they are convenient to place under the sink, which allows to decently save space in the apartment.

Nowadays the washing machines are produced with a high standard of quality. In spite of this, the owners have some problems.

If you have one of the problems and your washing machine doesn’t work or if you notice any deviations in the operation of the washing machine,  call on “Stiralkainfo” company. Our company offers such services as the repair of the washing machines with front (horizontal) loading.

Service differs from many others in that our company has the license and permission to work. We don’t overprice and always do our work with a high quality, as well as we use consumable materials and spare parts only of a high quality. 

Our qualified specialists with high experience will solve any problems of your washing machine.

We always give clients the guarantee of quality for technical servicing and repair.

The repair of the washing machine with the horizontal loading can be divided into three categories. 


  1. The repair without machine dismantling – easy repair.
  2. The repair with partial dismantling – medium.
  3. The repair with complete dismantling – complex.

Based on the above, the repair price will be set.

It is worth noting that our service center offers a reasonable price for technical servicing and repair of the appliances. We have low prices, because we are interested to attract as much as possible clients due to high quality repair and reasonable price.

Our company also provides repair services for refrigerators, air-conditioners and other household and industrial equipment. You can use the Feedback and our specialists will call you back.

If you need to repair the washing machine, please call us and we will extend the operational life of any equipment.