“Stiralka Info” Company has been carrying out the repair and installation of the washing machines of all categories both household and industrial for a long time. We have a great experience and all necessary professional tools for servicing of laundries and dry-cleanings. If you need the equipment installation for laundries and dry-cleanings in Tashkent, call on our company.

We provide a high-quality equipment installation in Tashkent:

  1. Industrial washing machines;
  2. Installation of drying machine;
  3. Clothes press;
  4. Equipment for clothes cleaning;
  5. Equipment for disinfection etc.

Our specialists can devise a scheme of your equipment and its connection, as well as install the washing machine at your convenience. If you don’t have an equipment, but you have a desire to develop the laundry, we will help you to choose the equipment, according to purpose, capacity and your personal preferences and of course the budget.

Equipment installation for laundries and dry-cleanings includes the next work:

  1. Drawing up a lay out diagram of the equipment;
  2. Unloading of equipment (either manually or using crane);
  3. Installation of the equipment in a pre-arranged place;
  4. Fastening of the equipment;
  5. Equipment installation (assembling of the pipeline for water and airб wiring). You can also make assembling of communication, following our instructions;
  6. Connection of your equipment to the communications;
  7. Assembling of isolation technology (cranes, bolts, water stop etc);
  8. Commissioning work (control of electric connection, deliver of electric energy).

We provide a guarantee for all assembly operations. If it is necessary, we can teach you the rules of instructions during the operation.

 If you want to develop the laundry, we will help you. Our company provides a wide range of services from projecting till introduction into service of your equipment.