During its 100 years history, Miele Company have made a good showing as a reliable supplier of quality household appliances in the world market. The washing machines Miele are in a great demand in the world. However, Miele washers are not so popular in Uzbekistan. It is because the production is in a high price segment, but our consumers mostly prefer the household appliances in a low price. In spite of this, the specialists of “Stiralka Info” Company run into an issue of the repair of Miele washing machines.

Repair of the washing machines Miele.

 Washing machines Miele differ high quality and reliability. The guarantee for lifetime service is about 20 years. All spare parts of these washing machines, as well as assembling are made in Miele fabric in Germany. If you are the owner of the washing machine Miele, eventually you will need repair of your washer.

If it is happened, don’t worry so much. Applying “Stiralka Info” Company, you will get a qualified specialist who will provide all necessary professional services. Our specialists have all necessary parts, tools and skills for making repair of the washers Miele.

Main causes of the malfunctions of the washing machines Miele.

The causes of malfunctions may be different. As a rule, it is wrong operation of the washing machine. Thanks to advices, about which we talked earlier, you will improve the life ratio of your washing machine and avoid some malfunctions.

The most common problem is the functional loss of the electric heating tube, which is broken down because of scale-producing water. It is not necessary to replace the electric heating tube, sometimes you can just do a special cleaning. However, if you bypass the timely repair, you will need the replacement of this detail.

“Stiralka Info” Company provides professional services on the repair of the washing machines Miele and other brands in Tashkent.