German Company Kuppersbusch dates back to 19 century. The company have made a good showing as one of the reliable producers of the household appliances in the world. The washing machines Kuppersbusch are not so popular in Uzbekistan because of high price. Otherwise, this is the case when you’d better to overpay for high quality of the equipment. Generally, parts wear causes the repair of the washing machines Kuppersbusch.

Repair of the washing machines Kuppersbusch in Tashkent.

 Washing machines Kuppersbusch is a rarity in Uzbekistan. Therefore, our company provided a small quantity of the maintenance of the washing machines Kuppersbusch. If you noticed any deviations in the operation of this washing machine, you should repair or replace details, depending on the damage degree.

Properties and functionality of the washing machines Kuppersbusch:

  • The regulation of dirtiness. Thanks to this regime, you will save not only time but also extend the life of your clothes.
  • Antiallergic regime of the washing. The washing with high temperature regime allows getting rid of bakteriums and mud on the clothes.
  • Careful spinning. It is worth noting that the speed of rotation during the spinning is 1800 min-1. The washing machine’s drum during the spinning guarantees the protection of the fabric structure.
  • Function of steam soak provides freshness, as well as you needn’t iron the clothes.

Besides, the washing machines Kuppersbusch have base functionality. It is worth noting that you will have to pay a high price for such kind of pleasure.