Washing machines Daewoo are very popular in Uzbekistan. This is due to South Korean concern is one of the first in our country began to realize its production at affordable prices. The washing machines of this brand are quite high technology, as well as at affordable price segment for most people. Error codes of the washing machines Daewoo allows diagnosing the malfunction of the equipment and avoid serious problems in time.

In order to avoid the malfunction of your washing machine, it is necessary a complete technical diagnostic from time to time. Stiralka Info Company provides not only the repair of the washing machines Daewoo, but other brands of the washers. Our specialists will make a repair of any malfunction in a shirt time.

                                      Error codes of the washing machines Daewoo

Error code                             Meaning                                   Possible causes
   OE  Problem with the water drain system 1.     Incorrect connection of the washer and the hose for drain water.

2.     Functional loss of the pump or wiring system.

3.     Pollution of the water drain system.

    IE Problem with the water supply system, the wash tub is not filled with water 1.     Check the elements of water supply system. In this case the problem of this malfunction is because of low pressure or turn off the tap.

2.     Cleaning of the water supply system

3.     Pressostat or valve, providing the water supply are broken.


    UE Disbalance of the washing machine 1.     Incorrect installation of the washing machine.

2.     Disbalance of the washing machine because of clothes are in one side in the wash tub.

    LE Problem with washing machine’s door                        Causes of malfunction:

1.     The door is not closed tightly. Close it one more time

2.     Replacement of the door blocking device.

    E8 Malfunction of the clothes loading sensor.           Don’t overload the washing machine
    E9 Pressostat is broken 1.     Malfunction of the pressostat pipe. Wear of this element

2.     Functional loss of pressostat

    H6 Functional loss of the electric heating tube The main cause is the scale on the electric heating tube. If it is not repairable, it is necessary to make replacement.