Nowadays the laundries and dry-cleanings become more popular in Uzbekistan. In modern pace of life many of us just don’t have enough time to clean clothes. Of course, you can wash your clothes in the washing machine at home, but such clothes like suits, jackets, outer garments and garments from delicate fabrics require special care. It is known that demand breeds supply, so the laundries are set up more and more in our country. Our company provides the delivery of all necessary equipment for laundries in Uzbekistan! Generally, we make an order from China, because there one can find a high quality equipment and at affordable prices.

If you want to set up the laundry with all necessary equipment or you have a desire to renew the washing machines in your laundry, call Stiralka Info Company. Here you will find the best equipment at the best price for you.

We provide a full range of services for laundry:                                  

  • We will help you to choose the equipment you need;
  • We will carry out deliverers of all necessary equipment from China and Europe;
  • We will perform the installation and connection of any equipment for laundry and dry-cleaning;
  • We provide service maintenance of your equipment.

Besides, we perform not only the delivery of the equipment, but also design of the laundry. There are many sanitary and technical standards that need to be considered when setting up a laundry. It is very important to place equipment in the right place (dryer is near washing machine, but ironing machine must be placed in the separate room).

Why the delivery of the equipment for laundries is the best in Stiralka Info Company?

 After choosing the equipment, it will be delivered on the territory of Uzbekistan within 65 days from the date of payment.

The equipment installation is a paid service and you can make it yourself, but manufacturers of laundry equipment recommend to entrust it to professionals.

Buying the equipment abroad and ordering its delivery, you will not have the opportunity to touch it and be sure in its quality. Not to buy “pig in a poke”, call our service center. You know, we cooperate only with suppliers of a high quality laundry equipment. We have been carrying out the repair of laundry equipment for a long time, that’s why we know all nuances of each model of the equipment.

We provide 5 years guarantee both the equipment and installation operation (providing that the regular service maintenance of this equipment will be implemented by our company).

Service maintenance is necessary for determining of trouble spots and wear details or other causes of the malfunction of your laundry equipment.

The equipment supplied by our company:

  • Industrial washing machines;
  • Equipment for the laundry;
  • Industrial drying machine;
  • Equipment for disinfection;
  • Ironing machines;
  • Many other equipment;

If you want to buy a laundry equipment in Uzbekistan, make an order in our company and you will be pleased the result!

 Guarantee of quality, low prices and respect for the customers are the main principles of our company!