When it is very cold in the street, we are in a hurry home, because it is warm and cozy there. Unfortunately, it is not always warm in our house. There are several causes why your home is not heated: either the water in heating system is not heated enough, that’s why it is cold in your house or your house has a chronic problem of cold floors and walls. In this case there is a proven and reliable method to make your house cozier – connection of the system “underfloor heating”.

Underfloor heating is the most comfortable type of the heating, as it creates the effect of the ground, heated by the sun. It is so pleasant to walk on the warm and cozy floor after cold weather.

We perform a qualitative laying of warm floor in Tashkent. We are Stiralka Info Company provide professional services of the lying of any types of system “warm floor”:

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More information about the system “underfloor heating”

 Underfloor heating is a system of pipes, covered with sand and cement grouting, on which floor covering is installed.

Types of underfloor heating systems

  1. Water warm floor is a connection to the central system of water supply. Such kind of warm floor has both advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, if there is a quite high temperature in the heating system, it heats the room equally. Secondly, it has simple operation because of absence of additional equipment.

The disadvantages of undefloor heating are the dependence from the temperature and pressure in system, breakdown hazard because of pipes damage and leaking, as a result: costly repair not only your flat but also the flat, which was flooded.

  1. Gas warm floor is a water floor, connected not to the system of central heating, but gas hot-water boiler. The advantage of the connection of the system “undefloor heating” is the gas using, that allows heating the room without additional expenses. The disadvantage is the liquid, used for heat transfer between hot-water boiler and pipe coil, as well as it is necessary to serve gas hot-water boiler.
  2. Electric warm floor is the electric cable in the form of pipe coil. Unlike mentioned above types of warm floor, it differs by simple installation and operation. Electric type of heating allows automatizing the operation of the warm floor, that’s why such kind of floor is used in such modern systems like “clever house”. Underfloor heating is often used for heating od the bathrooms and kitchens.

The disadvantage of this type of heating is a high energy consumption, as well as dependence from electric network (this type of warm floor quickly loses the warmth if it is turned off).

The next works are performed during the installation of the underfloor heating:

  1. Screed levelling;
  2. Cover with polyethylene film (only at the installation of water underfloor heating);
  3. Laying of heat keeping material;
  4. Laying of metal foil;
  5. Laying of steel-plastic pipes (while using of water warm floor) or electric heated cable;
  6. Control system;
  7. Screed with cement grouting (it is not necessary for electric underfloor heating);
  8. Floor covering.

The connection of the system “underfloor heating” must be implemented by professional specialists, who will perform the installation qualitatively and will not make mistake. It is very important because the wrong connection causes such problems as the cutting of linoleum or carpet, breakage of tile etc. Our specialists know all nuances of the warm floor installation, as well as we provide guarantee for all performed services.