Unfortunately, not all houses are equipped with hot water supply. In some houses even if there is a hot water pipe, the temperature of the water is not always hot. In this case, you’d better to connect the boiler for hot water supply.

What is the boiler?

Boiler is a water heating system, consisting of storage container, covered with cold insulator and heating element. The boiler in comparison with hot water generator is more economical.

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Types of boilers                                                               

There are two types of boilers: gas boiler and electric boiler.

  1. Gas boiler is a hot water generator, in which gas is used as a heater. The power of gas boiler is 5-6 kilo-watt. The gas boiler uses gas as fuel, which is much cheaper than electricity. The advantage of the gas boiler is the ability of water heating due to its high power. Disadvantage of the gas boiler is a low ergonomics and high cost. It is necessary to lay gas pipe for the installation of gas boiler, as well as to provide a good ventilation and make a kitchen hood. It is necessary to observe the safety procedures during the operation of gas appliances.
  2. Electric boiler in comparison of gas boiler is less powerful. Its power is from 1,5 to 3 kilo-watt, but it is cheaper and has simple installation.

If it is preferred the intensive using of hot water, it is better to connect boiler with gas hot-water generator. If hot water is used not so often, it is better to buy electric boiler.

How to choose the right boiler?

 It is wise to choose the hot water boiler it to be enough for all household needs. Too large volume of hot-water generator requires high indicators of electric energy consumption. Water consumption is individual for each family. For example, for dishing washes is enough 10 liters of water, for taking a shower, depending on the quality of family members, is enough from 80 till 200 liters and more.

The standard volume of bathes is 165-185 liters. If you and members of your family are not fans of extreme bathing in hot water, it is enough 50-80 liters of water for one person.

80-150 liters is enough for three persons. If the family consists of 4 and more people, is enough from 120 till 200 liters of water.

Inner covering of boiler.

 The inner covering of boiler consists of different materials depending on the type of the model. It can be:

  • Stainless steel;
  • Titanium covering;
  • Porcelain

Inner covering of the boiler performs the protection function from corrosion. The most popular covering is enamel and glass covering, as it is protected from corrosion. Hot-water generators with such covering are usually cheaper than others. The disadvantage of such boilers is micro cracks because of differential temperature. The guarantee of this type of boilers is about 1 year.

Stainless steel and titanium coverings are more durable. These types of boilers cost more expensive. The guarantee is for about 7-10 years.