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Blomberg Trade mark has been producing equipment for 100 years.

Washing machines of this brand is of a high quality and have style and original design, as well as high power saving.

The washing machines Blomberg have a great choice of the programs with a high quality of washing.

Considering the fact that the life ratio of these washers is higher of many other brands of the washing machines, sometimes it is required in repair.

 In Uzbekistan the washing machines Blomberg are not so popular like in other countries, therefore, it is difficult to find spare parts for the equipment of this brand in our country. We usually place an order for these spare parts from Russia or China.

If you needn’t replace the major components of this washing machine, the specialists of our company will repair your washer quickly, qualitatively and for reasonable price.

The breakage cause of such quality washing machines as Blomberg, is usually natural wear and tear of the details. The manufacturers of these washing machines took care of nothing could lead to the functional loss ahead of time. Unfortunately, nobody can provide a guarantee from the equipment breakage.

There are common problems of the washing machines Blomberg malfunctions:

  1. Obstruction of drain pump and filters.
  2. Runout of the washing machine’s bearing parts, belts etc.
  3. Burning-out of the heating element. As a rule, it happens because of often voltage jump. To avoid this problem, you’d better to install a stabilizer.
  4. Functional loss of different sensors (temperature, water-level) or control module of the washing machine.

Specialists of our company will make a repair of the washing machines Blomberg not only household but also industrial purposes. Choosing us from many other companies, you get:

  • Qualified specialists.
  • High-quality spare parts of trade mark Blomberg.