It is difficult to overestimate the meaning of every mechanism of the washing machine. The breakage of the smallest spare part may lead to the damage of all system. The ignorance of timely repair may cause serious problems with the repair of washing machine. In this article we examine the belt replacement, as well as its main causes of malfunction.

Main function of the washing machine’s belt.

Drum rotation provides clothes washing. Speed rotation depends on chosen washing regime. However, the drum rotation may be lower of the required speed for particular washing regime. Common problem of this breakage is a problem with washing machine’s belt.

There is a picture of the operation concept and main elements on the right side of your computer.

Belt replacement: breakage diagnostics.           

Independent diagnostics of the belt malfunction is quite simple. As a rule, a special identifying code appears on the directive screen. If it doesn’t happen, the drum rotation usually causes the belt breakage. The drum either is rotated or is not rotated in any washing regime, but it is rotated manually.

If you run into with such kind an issue for the first time, you can solve this problem yourself. It usually happens because of belt falling. Having put the belt in the right position, the washing machine can run as usual. On this occasion, you’d better to call on the specialists of “Stiralka Info” company.

Why you should choose “Stiralka Info” company

If after putting the belt in the right position, the washing machine doesn’t run, you should replace the washing machine’s belt. It means that the belt was torn or it lost its working qualities. In this case, you will not be able to manage without professionals.

Each brand of the washing machine has its individual belt. Specialists of “Stiralka Info” company will help you to choose the right belt specially for your washing machine. After the belt replacement, we also provide warranty service. Choosing us, you choose not only quality and reliability, but also professionalism and reasonable prices.