The installation of this sanitary appliance is the middle type of complexity. Nowadays, there is a wide choice of bathtubs in the modern market. The bathtub must be not only the decoration of the interior but also perform all its direct functions. Regardless of what kind of bathtub you prefer: cast iron bath, modern acrylic or luxury marble, the main thing is the correct installation of the bathtub.

What you should know

One of the main aspects of the installation is the correct installation of the siphon. We should keep in mind that there is a drain for water in the bathtub. The installation of the modern bathtub is required premature earth system as it is connected to the electricity.

After the bathtub installation, it is not recommended to lay the butt end by the tile, because you will need the access for the further siphon service.

Specialists of Stiralka Info Company

It is just some nuances, which should be taken into account during the installation of such sanitary appliance like bathtub. Specialists of Stiralka Info Company will provide the bathtub installation qualitatively, quickly and in a short time.