Ardo is one of the famous brands in the world.  This company takes up high positions in the producing of high quality household appliances. ARDO has all necessary certificates and meets requirements of the European quality. In spite of this, it is broken eventually and then you need make a repair of washing machine ARDO.

 Our company provides the services of the washing machines repair in Tashkent and Tashkent region. If your washing machine needs in professional services of the specialists, call our service center. 80% of malfunctions can be eliminated at your home, without transportation of your washing machine to the service center. Firstly, it provides a high speed and low-price repair of your washing machine. We make the washing machines repair with a high quality and provide a guarantee for all our services!

Washing Machines ARDO is a simplicity and ease in use. They are equipped with energy saving sensor, which controls flow of water and electro energy. All the appliances produced by “Ardo” Company, are made of ecologically clean materials that don’t harm the environment.

Washing machines of this brand are not required frequent repair if you follow all the instruction and safety features in the operation of the washing machines.

Unfortunately, many owners bypass the instructions, undoubtedly it leads to some problems. It is not only cause, that leads to the washing machine breakage, there are another external factors, influencing on the normal operation of the washing machines “Ardo”.

Factors, influencing on the normal operation of the washing machines.

  • The first factor is a scale-producing water, as a result it is broken.
  • The other factor is a voltage jump in consequence of which the driving motor or circuit module burns out.
  • The washing machine overload causes breakage of the washer.

Following the instructions, you shouldn’t forget that details of the washing machine are worn thin and it is impossible to avoid it.

If your washing machine “Ardo” is broken, don’t be upset, as high qualified specialists of service center “Stiralka Info” will make a high quality repair and improve the life ratio of your washing machine.

Our company offers a high quality and in a low price repair of the washing machines in Tashkent.

In case of breakage of the washer, please contact us. Our cooperative and friendly staff will repair your washing machine quickly and in a high quality, as well as give all necessary information about operation of the washing machine.

Only the best specialists will work with your washing machine.